Privacy Statement

PlayAlive is committed to protect your personal data. For us it is important that you know what information we collect and how we safeguard your personal data.

Personal data is information that can be linked to you as an individual. It may be name, phone number or rating. You have the right to decide on your own personal information.

PlayAlive has access to the entered name, school name and Uni-login username via the PlayAlive FIL application. We protect this information and use only this information to fulfill their feature in the PlayAlive Application.

PlayAlive treats personal information to the extent that the law commits it / gives access to it or you have consented to it.

Any inquiries can always be directed to our personal data officer at mail: [email protected]

PlayAlive uses Cookies to get a better user experience to gain knowledge that can be used to develop the website and possibly marketing. A Cookie is a small file that is stored locally with you, which stores information from our website. For example, they can be used in conjunction with statistics to make the website better. It is not harmful and cannot contain viruses or programs.

What information is registered about you as a Visitor?
When you visit us online, we register different types of information about you using cookies (“cookies”). The information we collect is anonymous and does not identify you as a person if you do not provide us with information by filling in a form or other available ways on the website.

Cookies gives us information about:

  1. Your position, using IP address, position data or the like.
  2. Your web behavior, such as what pages you visit and how often.

3. Technical information about your browser and your operating system.

You can always turn cookies off.
If you do not want this type of information to be stored in your browser, you must go into the settings of the current browser and disable this feature.