Ishøj Harbor


A giant whale has stranded at the Harbor of Ishøj. Fortunately, the whale feels quite comfortable at it’s new location. Because the whale has the leading role in a new water playground.

The water playground at the Harbor of Ishøj has been created by Ishøj Municipality and our partner UNO. PlayAlive has provided electronics and games to the site, which ensures hours of fun for children and childlike souls.

Høvleriet Kindergarten


Our Spider has arrived at Høvleriet Kindergarten in Norway. The kids can climb and challenge themselves and each other on the interactive climbing frame.
The project has been created in cooperation with our partner Uniqa.

You can find more information about our Spider here.

The Mall of Switzerland


Here is an exciting project that has been created in cooperation with our Spanish business partner The Leisure Way. In this project PlayAlive has provided electronics and games where children and young people learn the clock by interacting with the sensor units in the floor.

Read more about the project here.

Hyldegården Kindergarten


Daycare institution Hyldegården has got their first interactive playground from PlayAlive. TV2 Lorry (danish tv station) was dropping by the other day to film the playground and get some reactions from children and educators.

 You can watch the broadcast here.



In PlayAlive’s hometown Vejle lies the amusement center Økolariet. Through exhibitions and events visitors get knowledge about nature, environment, energy, climate, nutrition, health, innovation and much more.

PlayAlive has developed a unique App and e-Wall that educates it’s visitors in a fun and active way.

You can find more information about Økolariet here.

Thyregod School


Thyregod School is the first school who has an e-Wall installed in their classroom, which excites both teachers and students.

E-Wall is being used both in math and history. Students love to challenge each other with different exercises, which they create themselves by using PlayAlives learning app FIL.



Kolding Municipality and PlayAlive have collaborated on making this great Ground installation. Here everyone have the opportunity to challenge each other in a wide variety of games. The different game types changes during the different seasons. 

​You can find more information (in danish) about the installation and games here.

Rabbit Mountain


The Rabbit Mountain gives the schoolyard a new life.
The project was developed in collaboration with the architect firm Gust. The Rabbit Mountain challenges the children’s physics with its sloping shape and inviting design.

Sunnaas Sykehus


Sunnaa Hospital has got their first Sport installation from PlayAlive. Sport allows both guests and patients to come outdoors and be physically active in a fun and different way.

You can find more information about Sport here.



This project has been developed in collaboration with the architectural firm GHB Landscape Architects and Monstrum. PlayAlive has supplied electrical components and the game Over the City Roofs.

Over the City Roof is an electronic and interactive tag game. The tag game takes place across, inside, and in between the different roof tops.

You can read more about the project here. 



At Lindevangsparken in Frederiksberg our partner UNO has created Denmark’s first interactive water playground. The playground water is controlled by PlayAlive’s intelligent sensor technology, which enables the water to be switched on and off at different places in the playground. 

 You can read more (in danish) about Denmark’s first interactive water playground here.

Ceres City


At Ceres City they have installed a new play spot with Ground sensor units from PlayAlive. Children and childlike souls have the opportunity to challenge themselves and each other in four fun games. Our Ground sensor units are flexible and can be installed in many different locations.

You can find more information about our Ground sensor units here.

The Leisure Way


Our Spanish partner The Leisure Way has used our technology in several unique projects worldwide. The Tree of Life is one of the many exciting projects that PlayAlive has been a part of. See our solutions for two interactive flowers here.

Child Town


In Vollsmose lies the public playground Child Town. Child Town is known as an exciting green area that offers many fun activities for children and young people.

PlayAlive has in a collaboration with our partner Uniqa and Kildegården Kindergarten created an unique interactive playground, which are powered by a solar cell system.